Maghreb Mint

Maghreb Mint

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Take a trip to North Africa with this worldly and spicy tea, an exotic and intoxicating blend of roasted green tea, peppermint, ginger, and cardamom.

The warm nutty notes are pleasantly offset with aromatic clove and woody fennel, creating a unique and lively, unforgettable cup.

Try this tea with a touch of sugar!

Ingredients: Green tea, ginger root, cardamom, peppermint, licorice root, fennel, cloves, black pepper.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: MED

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel B

Tried a cup, for trial purposes, and went "huh."
Made a whole pot, for further trials, and went "huh."
Made my mother try some, and we stood around in the kitchen smacking our lips and sniffing the teapot going "huh."
Had some friends over, all of us split a pot, and we all went "huh." (Maggie went 'tastes like those candies my grandma would give me during church to keep me quiet' and then had another cup)
I have now run out, and I need to get some more.
It is minty, a little spicy, with a lingering sweet licorice aftertaste that rounds off with a peppery bite.
Will your four-year-old like it? No.
Will YOU like it? That's the wrong question - you will drink four pots of it and smack your lips and make all your friends try it and try in vain to find out what kind of candy Maggie's grandma kept in her pockets and debate whether anise and licorice root come from the same plant and you will try it with a bunch of different foods and decide it is probably better on its own and find yourself craving it during your evening commute even though you already have a five-dollar coffee you got from a roadside espresso stand. This tea is an experience.

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