Receive a Gift Card?

Lucky you! Details on how to use it below.

Redeeming Your Gift Card

Get ready for deliciousness! 

Your gift card can be used for anything sold on, including tea, teaware, top selling collections, and subscriptions. (The only thing you can't buy with a gift card is another gift card.)

To redeem your card, simply put your secret code into the Gift card or discount code on checkout. This field might be hiding behind a drop down if checking out on mobile. 

Your gift card will tick down in value, so if you have a $100 code and you only spend $30, you'll have $70 left.

Gift cards never expire.


If you're redeeming your gift card for a subscription, we recommend you sign up for a normal subscription, not a gift subscription. 

Just be aware, your gift card credit will only be applied to the initial order. It will not be automatically applied to any future renewal.

If you're worried your subscription might renew when you're not expecting it, simply cancel your new subscription immediately after creating it. We will still ship you all the boxes you signed up for, but a cancelled subscription will never renew.

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