How to Customize Your Tea Runners Subscription Boxes

On October 1, 2022, we started using a custom-built app powered by Shopify to process all our subscriptions. 

If you signed up after October 1, 2022, please refer to the Shopify section below.  If your subscription began before October 1, 2022, please refer to the Cratejoy section below. 



Normal Subscriptions
For new sign ups, you can customize your first box on Step 2 of checkout. 

For ongoing shipments, if you are set to receive next month's box, you will be notified via email on the 25th of the month that it's time to customize your box.  To customize, simply login to your account and use our customization tool.

You have until the end of the month to submit customizations, and if you miss the deadline, you'll be shipped the 4 teas curated for that box. 

Gift Subscriptions
Gift recipients cannot customize their first box, but the gift buyer can do it for them on checkout.  Gift recipients can customize all future boxes from within their account. 

Gift buyers can also customize boxes for their recipient. 

Subscriptions created via Gift Card
If you're purchasing a subscription using a gift card, these are considered "normal" subscriptions, not gift subscriptions.



Customization for Cratejoy subscribers cannot be done from within your account. 

On the 25th of the month we send an email to our entire mailing list announcing what teas are coming next month. (We also post it on our blog.)

You must be on our mailing list to be notified. If you unsubscribe from our list, you will not receive a reminder.  If you're not sure if you're on our mailing list, please go to this page and sign yourself up

If your purchase was made through the Cratejoy Marketplace, you will not be added to our mailing list.  Please go to this page and get yourself on the list, or you will miss the reminders to customize. 

To customize your box, simply review what teas are coming and click the customization button in the email or the blog post. This will take you to a form that allows you to select which tea you want to remove and which tea you want to replace it with. 

All customization requests must be received by the last day of the month. 

Whether you are a regular subscriber or a gift recipient, you do not need to login to an account to make a customization request. All we need is the name on your shipping label. 

You can customize your entire box (all 4 teas) if you like. To request more than one customization, simply refresh the form and fill it out again. 



Customizing your Tea Runners boxes via Amazon is not possible.  Amazon forbids us from accessing any subscriber data, so customization is not something we can offer.