How to Customize Your Tea Runners Subscription Boxes

We know it's important that you only receive teas you're likely to enjoy while avoiding teas you know you're not going to like. That's why we developed a completely customizable subscription box—the only one of its kind.

Customizing The First Box

Normal Subscriptions
The first box of a new subscription can customized on Step 2 of checkout. 

Gift Subscriptions
The first box of a gift subscription can be customized by the purchaser on Step 2 of checkout. Gift recipients cannot customize their first box because gifts are usually a surprise!

After the first box of a gift has been shipped, gift recipients are invited to create an account. All future shipments can be customized by the gift recipient from within their account.

If you are purchasing a gift subscription scheduled for the future, we may not yet have selected teas for that month, and therefore, customizing the first box is not possible. 

Christmas Gift Subscriptions are the only ones where the recipient can customize the first box. 

Customizing Future Shipments

Monthly shipments and renewals for all Tea Runners subscriptions happen on the 1st of the month.

Customization is open from the 25th until the last day of the month.

For example, customizing your February box can be done between January 25 and 31.

If you do not customize in this time, you can no longer do so, and you will be sent the default 4 teas for the box you're subscribed to.

Reminders to Customize
If you are set to receive a box the following month, our system will send you an email on the 25th to remind you to customize. For reasons outside our control, we cannot guarantee successful delivery of this email. However, the email is simply a reminder, and you do not need to receive it to customize your box. Just make sure to log in to your account between the 25th and the last day of the month to customize the following month's box.


Please note customization is only possible for subscriptions created through our app on and  Subscriptions on Cratejoy and Amazon cannot be customized.