Breakfast Tea


    "Breakfast tea" is a term commonly used to describe a strong and robust black tea that is often enjoyed in the morning, especially in Western tea traditions. While there isn't a specific type of tea plant called "breakfast tea," the term generally refers to blends that are designed to be hearty and flavorful, making them well-suited for a morning pick-me-up.

    The most well-known and widely consumed breakfast tea blend is English Breakfast tea. Another popular variant is Irish Breakfast tea. Both of these blends typically include a mix of black teas, which can come from different regions and estates. The goal is to create a balanced and bold flavor profile that pairs well with milk and sugar, as these additions are common in Western tea-drinking habits.

    The specific composition of breakfast teas can vary, but they often include black teas from regions like Assam, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and Kenya. These teas are known for their strong and malty characteristics, contributing to the robust nature of breakfast blends.

    It's worth noting that the term "breakfast tea" can be used more broadly to describe any tea that one might enjoy in the morning, and the blend may vary depending on regional preferences and personal taste. Some people prefer to drink their tea without milk or sugar, while others enjoy the addition of these ingredients to mellow out the strong flavors.

    If you're interested in trying a breakfast tea, English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast are good starting points, but there are also variations and regional blends that offer unique flavors.