How to Redeem Your Gift Card

Did you get a Gift Card?  Lucky you! 

Your gift card can be redeemed for anything sold on, including tea, teaware, and subscriptions. The only thing you can't buy with a gift card is another gift card. 

If redeeming your gift card for a subscription, please note that it will only apply to the first order. Gift card credit is not applied to renewals. 

Your gift card will tick down in value.  If you have $100 and only spend $70, your card will retain a $30 value for future purchases. 


Redeeming Your Gift Card

To use your gift card, simple enter your secret code in the "Coupon/Gift Card" field on checkout. Please note that this field may be hidden behind a dropdown on mobile checkouts. 

Please note: Anyone with access to your code can use it. Keep it a secret! 


Uh Oh! My Gift Card Code Isn't Working!

Before November 2022, Tea Runners subscriptions operated on Cratejoy and multiple Shopify stores.  A gift card can only be redeemed from the place it was purchased. 

If your code isn't working, please contact us and we will set you up with a new working code.