Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan

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Named after the historic practice of teas from China reaching Russia via caravans of camels, this strong black tea is a forward and bold worldly blend. Assam packs a punch while dark oolong creates a smooth refinement. Puerh loads it with further depth and body while a dash of lapsang souchong adds a the smoke.

A delicious cup for those who like a smoked tea!


Ingredients: Smoked black tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea.
Origin: China and India

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robin Curtis

I opened the bag and it was the standard “campfire” smell. I could smell hints of the oolong mixed in and was hopeful it would come through in taste. I was so wrong. It was like drinking liquid smoke. I tried to add honey and it didn’t help enough. I can seem the appeal to a different type of black tea but this is just a loss for me. The other 3 types I purchased were all wonderful so 1 out of 4 is still a win.

Heavily smoked teas like Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong are definitely an acquired taste. As someone who loves smoky teas (and smoky scotch too for that matter), I could drink these every day. However, I get that they're not for everyone—their intense, unique flavors can be a bit polarizing.

Donna G
Smoky campfire

This is the second time purchasing Russian Caravan. One of the ladies at church brought a tea on Sunday morning as an alternative to coffee. I told her that she needed to try this. It was a big hit!

Jack Frost
One of my top teas!

Love this tea! The rich smoky flavor is a wonderfully tasty way to get my morning caffeine.

Joshua Sayer
Great Tea

This is a fantastic tea for smoked tea lovers. The oolong, assam, and puerh create a strong yet complex blended tea flavor and the lapsang souchong in the mix adds a great smokiness, but the smoke is a bit more subtle in this mix. Just a great cup of tea.

Marsha Matschek Marsha Matschek
My favorite

A rich smooth flavorful tea
I grew up drinking a family blend of lapsang, keeman and English breakfast . I like this every bit as much

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