Big Red Robe

Big Red Robe

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This is a traditional roasted Yancha tea, also known by its Chinese name Da Hong Pao. Proper Yancha should be a perfect harmony of minerality with a honey sweetness, a roasted nuttiness, and finished with a floral elegance.

This one doesn’t disappoint. An earthy tea with a great balance.

Ingredients: Oolong tea.
Origin: Fujian, China
Caffeine: MED

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Outstanding Oolong

This tea has a smoky flavor and brews to a warm brown hue. I only steeped it for 2 minutes at 195 degrees and it was perfect. It also has quite the caffeine kick.

Chad Czternastek

I am quite new to the art of tea. I flunked out of tea bag school, and lately been wanting to try oolong and other teas.
This here Big Red Robe was in the package I was sent for the subscription. Not used to short steep times and multiple infusions.

Just had my first and second cup of this tea, and without a doubt, nothing even close, this is the very best cup of anything let alone tea. Wow is all I can say and I just had to come here and review as maybe it can help someone on the fence of trying this. The first cup was just earthy scent but in a good way. You can just look at both wet and dry tea leaves and tell care and time was put into these. I've looked online and it's one expensive tea but it's worth it. I'm normally a milk and sugar type. Don't even need it, it's just that smooth and it's that good. I could honestly drink this every day of my life. I can't wait to try more and really enjoy good tea. This place is good place to start.

Constance Jeske
Top Quality Tea

Perfect oolong. Balanced & even better when steeped a couple of times.

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