December 2023 Tea Offerings & News

December 2023 Tea Offerings & News

Happy December, sippers! 

We have some wonderful teas available this month, including Majestic Earl Grey, our single most popular tea. It's the most awarded Earl Grey tea in the world, winning 1st place at the Global Tea Championship Awards every time it was entered, except for one occasion when it came 2nd to an Earl Grey called 'Black Bergamot.' In fact, Black Bergamot will also be available for sale on our website in December.

We also have a couple very special Nepalese teas in our Pure Tea Box, including the 1st Place Award-Winning Himalayan Golden Black and the wonderful Pokhara Classic Green TeaThese rare artisan teas are part of our Elite Tea offerings, typically excluded from our subscription boxes due to their hefty price tag.

Happy sipping!

~Tea Runners

P.S.  Please note the teas listed here are available while supplies last. Substitutions will be made for other teas if we run out of inventory.


How To Customize Your December Box

As of July 2023, we no longer offer subscriptions hosted on Cratejoy the ability to customize their boxes.  To customize your monthly box, you must upgrade your account to our new platform. 


If you are already on our new platform, customize your box by logging into your account.  Customizations must be submitted by November 30th.


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Featured Teas

• Majestic Earl Grey
• Maghreb Mint
• Blueberry Le'Mint
• Snickerdoodle Rooibos
• Majestic Earl Grey
• Almond Sugar Cookie Black
• Happy Holiday Blend
• Simple Vanilla Black
• Snickerdoodle Rooibos
• Cherry "T" Herbal Tea
• Earl Grey De La Creme
• Cranberry Cider Herbal Tea
• Himalayan Golden Black
• Ceylon Orange Pekoe
• Pokhara Classic Green Tea
• Golden Dawn Oolong

Majestic Earl Grey

Global Tea Championship Winner
1st Place, Earl Grey Black

Majestic Earl Grey is one of the most awarded Earl Grey teas in the world.

This elegant and classic Earl Grey has been the top place finisher in the 'Earl Grey Black' category at the Global Tea Championship Awards every time it has been entered since 2014 (with the exception of 2018 where it came 2nd place).

Made from the highest quality Yunnan black tea and cold-pressed bergamot oil from Italy, this Earl Grey is one of the finest. It is a masterful balance of high grade black tea and the highest quality bergamot oil. 

We recommend enjoying this tea in its natural state without the addition of milk or sugar.

Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot oil, blue cornflowers.
Origin: Multiple origin blend.
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Almond Sugar Cookie Dessert Black

This gorgeous tea is the perfect caffeinated indulgence. Strong black tea gets the sweet treatment with toasted almonds and almond sugar cookie, while the chocolatey and slightly smoky flavor of safflower balances everything out. Try it on its own, or add warm milk to further its decadence.

Ingredients: Black teas, almonds, almond sugar cookie flavoring and safflower blossoms.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: HIGH

Snickerdoodle Rooibos

This caffeine-free delight oozes with the scent of fresh warm cookies, its green rooibos leaves swirling with cinnamon pieces and sweet blackberry leaf.

Brewing to an amber cup, this delicious tea aids in digestion while feeling like a treat, making this an ideal end to your day.


Ingredients: Green rooibos, cinnamon pieces, sweet blackberry leaf and flavoring.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

This beautiful black tea is grown in the fresh mountain air, brilliant sunshine and abundant rainfalls of the southern Sri Lanka.

It has a strong, fresh black tea aroma and brews a full-bodied cup. We love its classic and bold personality with an elegant smoothness that lingers on the palate.

An outstanding orange pekoe that is at once traditional and refreshingly modern.

Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Sri Lanka
Caffeine: HIGH

Maghreb Mint

Take a trip to North Africa with this worldly and spicy tea, an exotic and intoxicating blend of roasted green tea, peppermint, ginger, and cardamom.

The warm nutty notes are pleasantly offset with aromatic clove and woody fennel, creating a unique and lively, unforgettable cup.

Try this tea with a touch of sugar!

Ingredients: Green tea, ginger root, cardamom, peppermint, licorice root, fennel, cloves, black pepper.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: MED

Himalayan Golden Black

Global Tea Championship Winner
1st Place Winner, Black Tea

Himalayan Golden Black was a 1st Place Winner of the highly-competitive "Black Tea" category of the Global Tea Championship Awards. It is truly an outstanding black tea that reflects all of nature's goodness in a cup.

This highly sought after black tea is crafted by Himalayan monsoons and the fertile soils of Sandakphu in eastern Nepal. It's one of those small pockets of the world where the conditions are perfect for tea growing. After plucking, the leaves are 25 percent withered, then rolled in mechanical rollers. The tea is then placed in a shaping machine and further dried, producing uniformly curled leaves.

Tea producers from around the world came to this small artisan farm in Nepal to see how it was done.

Like a fine wine, this tea has a lovely balance of flavors: toasty and malty, with notes of stonefruit and honey. We're so lucky to get it and can't wait to share it with you!

Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Sandakphu, Ilam, Eastern Nepal
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Simple Vanilla Black

Simple Vanilla Black is as elegant and simple as its name suggests. This tea uses a malty South Indian black tea that contains the rich notes of leather and caramel. When paired with the all-natural vanilla and a hint of jasmine, this tea is ‘sweet” like homemade vanilla ice cream.

These flavors are subtly layered over each other and, when combined, bring a bold cup of tea that will make a wonderful hot or cold brew. Try it with a splash of steamed milk!

Ingredients: South Indian black tea, all natural flavor, jasmine flowers.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: HIGH

Golden Dawn Oolong

Golden Dawn Oolong, more traditionally known as ‘Huang Jin Gui’, is a beautifully aromatic tea that steeps a light-bodied cup with a bright, mineral character and lots of floral notes.

This is a great oolong tea for everyday drinking.

Ingredients: Oolong tea
Origin: Fujian, China
Caffeine: MED

Blueberry Le'Mint Black

Blueberry Le’Mint is a blended black tea where a diverse array of natural flavors and ingredients converge to create a robust sensory experience.

Initially, your palate is greeted by the refreshing mint and zesty lemon notes. However, as this delightful black tea brews, the intensity of the mint and lemon mellows, allowing the subtle tartness of blueberry to emerge, culminating in the velvety, rich undertones of the black tea base.

As odd as this pairing of ingredients may sounds, this is a delightful black tea with lots of flavor.  Try it with a dash of milk and honey to further enhance the experience!

Ingredients: South Indian Black Tea, freeze-dried blueberries, all natural flavor, peppermint, lemon peel, cornflower petals.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: HIGH

Earl Grey “De La Creme” Herbal

Earl Grey “De La Creme” is an Earl Grey tea that features the classic flavors of Bergamot oil combined with the subtle and wonderful flavors of vanilla. This herbal tea uses the South African Rooibos leaf which brings a subtle and wonderful addition to the Earl Grey family.

When serving, consider using a splash of lower fat milk, something with a lighter flavor so you don't overpower the nuances of this tea.

Ingredients: South African Rooibos, cornflowers with vanilla & bergamot flavor
Origin: Multiple Original Blend

Happy Holiday Blend

This delicious seasonal treat is full of spice, peppermint, and sweet vanilla bean. Strong black tea is combined with fresh peppermint leaves, alfalfa, and erica flowers while the addition of rooibos helps with digestion.

This tea sings on its own, but can be made even richer with warm whole milk.

Ingredients: Black teas, rooibos, peppermint leaves, organic alfalfa leaves, flavoring, malva blossoms, erica flowers, and vanilla beans.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Cherry "T" Herbal

Cherry "T" is a tisane tea in all of the most amazing ways. Lacking any of the common herbal bases like rooibos or honeybush, this tea is all rich dark berry flavor and aromatic rosehips.

Like many tisanes, you can use it as a strong starting point for brewing up your own concoction. Try adding a stick of cinnamon or even a dollop of whipped cream to finish. However you decide to serve Cherry "T" Herbal, it will be a delightfully wonderful and unique experience.

Ingredients: Cherry, elderberry, rosehips, hibiscus, cranberry, blackberry, and raspberry with cherry flavor.
Origin: Multiple Original Blend

Cranberry Cider Herbal

This balanced blend of subtly sweet cherry, tart cranberry and warm cinnamon spice makes this herbal tea refreshingly delicious and reminiscent of mulled holiday drinks.

Perfect for anyone watching sugar or caffeine intake, Cranberry Cider is a wonderfully fruity and naturally caffeine-free tea.

Ingredients: Rose hips, hibiscus flowers, chicory root, natural and artificial cranberry flavor and cinnamon chips
Origin: Multiple Original Blend

Pokhara Classic Green Tea

Named after the Nepalese city of Pokhara, cradled in the embrace of a picturesque green valley, Pokhara Classic Green Tea embodies the vibrancy of the lush landscapes enveloping the urban hub.

Infused with the essence of toasted barley, pine nuts, asparagus, and turnip, its fresh earthy and vegetal notes evoke the crisp aroma of springtime, making it an ideal choice hot or iced.


Ingredients: Green tea
Origin: Nepal
Caffeine: LOW-MED

Additional Customization Options

Bengal Chai Herbal

Explore classic chai ingredients blended with a smooth rooibos base to create this spicy caffeine-free treat!

Big Snow Mountain of Mengku Black Tea

High altitude pure black tea from 30-40 year old naturally grown tea plants in Yunnan.

Blueberry White Tea

An award-winning white tea blend with blueberry and mango. A very refreshing summer tea!

Burgundy Blast

A sweet and fruity herbal tea that brews to a bright red color.

Cranberry Cider Herbal

This balanced caffeine-free blend of subtly sweet cherry, tart cranberry, and warm cinnamon spice makes this herbal tea refreshingly delicious and reminiscent of mulled holiday drinks.

Gingerbread Black

A seasonal black tea blend that creates the joy of gingerbread in a cup.

Golden Yunnan

A full-bodied Yunnan black tea with lovely chocolate notes and nutty hints of sweet potato and caramel.

Jing Gu White Pekoe Silver Needles

Fresh 2023 harvest white teas with a sweet finish with notes of sugarcane and lychee.

Keemun 1st Grade

A perfect breakfast tea! Nutty, strong, a bit earthy, with sweet and floral finish.

Moroccan Mint

Two organic green teas (Yunnan green & Gunpowder) blended with a native Moroccan spearmint called Nana.

Prickly Pear Black

This tea captures the image of a blooming desert just after a fresh spring rain with its slightly sweet and dry herb smell. A great candidate on its own or for exploration with additives!

Yi Mei Ren Black

From the Wu Liang Mountains comes this delicious, highly-aromatic, and full-bodied pure black tea with complex and familiar bittersweet chocolate notes. 2023 Spring Harvest.

Yunnan Pine Needles

Spring harvest green tea with a buttery mouthfeel, notes of umami, fresh green grass, a little nuttiness, and a delicate sweetness that lingers on the palate

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