July 2024 Tea Offerings & News

July 2024 Tea Offerings & News

Happy July, tea lovers!

In case you missed it, we have announced 5 new teas from our most popular tea provider - and the winner of more award from the Tea Championship Awards than any other company in the world. Check out our new arrivals here

This month we have a handful of summery teas to choose from, including these 3 which are all new to our line up: 

  • Peach Blossom White is a new tea we are sure you're going to love. It's a delicious, organic tea great hot or iced. 

  • Tropical Sunrise Herbal was the 3rd place winner for 'Flavored Rooibos' category in of the Global Tea Championship Awards in 2017 and took the 'People's Choice' the following year for 'Best Hot Rooibos'.  It's a tropical fruity herbal tea that goes great hot or iced!
  • Rose Earl Grey is also a new tea to our line up. It comes from the makers of our other most popular teas: Majestic Earl Grey, Lavender Raspberry Honeybush, and Lemon Drop Black.

The 2024 harvest of Black Gold Biluochun is featured in most of our subscription boxes this month. It's a delicious malty and naturally sweet black tea. If you haven't tried it before we highly recommend it.

We hope you enjoy this month's selections!

Happy Sipping!


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Featured Teas

 Black Gold Biluochun
• Peach Blossom White
• Raspberry Green Tea
• Tropical Sunrise Herbal

 Black Gold Biluochun
• Rose Earl Grey
• Nepali Breakfast
• Lapsang Souchong

 Tropical Sunrise Herbal
• Ginger Lime Rooibos
• Honeybush
• Lavender Lace

• Imperial Gold Needle
• Black Gold Biluochun
• Wild Thai Green
• Iron Goddess of Mercy

Black Gold Biluochun

These little pellets benefit from short-term aging to make a smooth but sturdy cup that waken the senses and boost energy levels, while the palate is left with hints of chocolate and flowers.

Enjoy multiple steeps to get the most out of your leaves, or try it iced as a refreshing summer sip.

Spring 2024 Harvest.

Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Yunnan, China
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Ginger Lime Rooibos

This delightful caffeine-free blend of ginger and lime is perfect for evening sipping.

Fragrant lemongrass and Australian lemon myrtle lend citrusy complexity to this spirited rooibos blend.

One of our favs!

Ingredients: Green rooibos, ginger, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, licorice root, essential lime and tangerine oils.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend


Similar to rooibos, but slightly sweeter and more hearty, honeybush brews a deliciously comforting cup of tea.

Honeybush tea is prepared from the honey-scented Cyclopia plant found in the Cape Mountain regions of South Africa. Its unmistakable notes of hot apricot jam and a refreshing floral sweetness grant this tea a forever favorite in our herbal collection.

Try it the traditional way with milk and sugar, or enjoy it in its pure state to truly appreciate its true wonderful flavors.

Ingredients: Honeybush.
Origin: South Africa

Imperial Gold Needle

This sensational black tea is a pure bud pick from the spring harvest in Yunnan, China.

The bud shoots are lightly wilted and processed to keep the delicate taste and appearance intact.

An aroma that is thick and luscious, this incredibly fresh tea will leave you with smooth notes of dark malt and sweet honey.

Spring 2024 Harvest.


Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Yunnan, China
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Iron Goddess of Mercy

As the story goes, the tea plant from which this Taiwanese oolong gets its name was left to a pious farmer by a Buddhist god as a way of thanks for this man’s dedicated upkeep of the village’s temple.

This velvety and creamy tea has intricate juxtapositions of roasted buckwheat and chestnut with sweet dried apricot, a winning combination straight from the gods.

Ingredients: Oolong tea.
Origin: Nantou County, Taiwan
Caffeine: LOW-MED

Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong is a distinctive and robust black tea known for its smoky flavor profile. Originating from the Fujian province in China, this tea undergoes a unique drying process where the leaves are traditionally smoked over pinewood fires.

The result is a bold infusion with a rich, smoky aroma and a distinctive taste that sets it apart from other black teas.

Lapsang Souchong is often appreciated by tea enthusiasts for its complex and intense flavor, making it a memorable choice for those seeking a unique tea experience.


Ingredients: Smoked black tea.
Origin: Fujian, China
Caffeine: HIGH

Lavender Lace

This gorgeous caffeine free tisane brews to a wildly fragrant cup, swirling with heady dried lavender, pungent rosemary, and refreshing spearmint.

The perfume of the lavender is wonderfully offset with tangy lemon verbena and spicy cinnamon adds a welcome heat on its finish.

Its mouthfeel is pleasingly round while its sweet taste lingers, making this a great tea to end a meal or send you off to a deep sleep.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, spearmint, rosemary, lavender flowers and lemon verbena.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: Caffeine-Free

Nepali Breakfast

This breakfast tea is a truly unique and exotic way to start the day. Steeping to a deep ruby red hue due to the addition of CTC leaves, it also sings with the bright and complex flavors of Orthodox tea.

What really makes it a standout is its gorgeous layer of masala spice mix, leaving the palate awakened with notes of clove, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.

Try it with some warm milk, or as a sweet treat, a touch of sugar.

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, clove, ginger, black pepper.
Origin: Eastern Nepal
Caffeine: HIGH

Peach Blossom White


Raspberry Green Tea & Peach Blossom White are the featured teas of the month!
This tea is 15% OFF all month. No coupon needed.

Bursting with real succulent peaches, zesty tangerine oil, and floral white tea leaves, this fruity delicacy captures the spirit of a lively spring garden adorned with all organic components.

If you could describe Spring with one sip, this would be it!

Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic quince, natural peach flavor, organic peaches, organic essential orange oil, essential tangerine oil
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: LOW

Raspberry Green Tea


Raspberry Green Tea & Peach Blossom White are the featured teas of the month!
This tea is 15% OFF all month. No coupon needed.

Bright and lively steamed green tea gets a pungent punch from juicy raspberry, making this one equally delicious hot or iced. Tart hibiscus rounds out its sweetness with a welcome citrusy bite.

Great on its own, or with a squeeze of lemon, or, for an especially refreshing treat, try it with a splash of pomegranate juice over ice.

Ingredients: Green tea, raspberry, hibiscus flowers, natural raspberry flavor.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: LOW

Rose Earl Grey

This elegant, all-organic take on the classic nuances of Earl Grey create something strikingly familiar yet altogether new. 

With the addition of richly aromatic rose petals to this traditional bergamot beauty, it transforms into a delightfully delicate, citrusy-floral blend!

Ingredients: Organic Assam black tea, organic bergamot, organic rose petals, organic cornflower petals, organic flavoring
Origin: Assam, India
Caffeine: HIGH

Sencha Supreme

Global Tea Championship Award Winner
1st Place, Sencha


Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, representing about 80% of all teas produced in the country. It ranges vastly in quality and price. This particular sencha is a high quality award-winning tea.

Sencha is a tea that will produce different flavors depending on the temperature of the water, adding to its appeal. Cooler water will produce a mellow flavor, while hotter water will create a more astringent cup of tea. Experiment and enjoy!

Ingredients: Green tea.
Origin: Japan

Tropical Sunrise Herbal

Global Tea Championship Winner
People's Choice Winner, Best Hot Rooibos

This tea was the 3rd place winner of the 'Flavored Rooibos' category of the Global Tea Championship Awards in 2017, and the People's Choice Winner for 'Best Hot Rooibos' in 2018. 

It is a tropical blend with many ingredients, but the main flavors that come through are pineapple and grapefruit.  It is very refreshing tropical blend really makes the sun shine for you! 

This sweet and fruity rooibos taste is expertly blended with zesty-fresh spices and vibrant fruits that provide that warm summer feeling inside all year round.


Ingredients: Rooibos, ginger pieces, apple pieces, orange peels, lemongrass, cinnamon sticks, coconut, flavor, rose pepper, cardamom, candied pineapple pieces, red currants, cornflower petals, grapefruit pieces.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend

Wild Thai Green

This roasted green tea from Thailand is light and lively with notes of tropical fruit, toasted hazelnut, and honey.

Its wild orchid aroma beautifully scents the room when brewed, and its strength brightens the body and lends some energy to a lethargic afternoon.

A fresh and pleasant green tea to perfectly quench the palate.

Ingredients: Green tea
Origin: Doi Chiang Dao, Thailand
Caffeine: MED

Additional Customization Options

Blue Lady Grey

This best-selling tea is an exquisite blend of bergamot and calming lavender, enhanced by a subtle touch of vanilla. An absolutely delightful tea!

Pacific Peppermint

Pure peppermint leaves from Washington state. A very clean and satisfying herbal tea for a peppermint lover.

Blood Orange Herbal

A best selling blend that delivers an explosion of Blood Orange flavor: empowering rooibos and astringent orange, offering a creamy, sweet orange candy experience and mouth-watering zestiness.

Imperial Grade Green Snails

First flush green tea rolled into into little green snails. Slightly astringent, slightly sweet. Depth and complex.

Valentine Breakfast

A lovely and intoxicating blended black beauty to mark the month of love.

Minnesota N’Ice Tea

A fruity and floral award-winning blend that makes a fabulous iced tea!

Bao Zhong Royale

A lightly oxidized oolong, rich and buttery, with notes of stone fruit, coconut, and firewood.

Imperial Mojiang Golden Bud Black Tea

An exquisite pure bud pick from the Mojiang area of Simao. Malty with light notes of sugarcane.

Formosa Fine Oolong

A pure Taiwanese oolong tea that brews to a brisk golden liquor with subtle peach undertones.

Classic Black Iced Tea

Indulge in the classic nuances of this high-quality blend of black teas, meticulously crafted to create the perfect base for a traditional iced tea experience.

Sencha Supreme

Premium high-quality Sencha, the most popular tea in Japan! Goes great hot or iced.

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