June 2024 Tea Offerings & News

June 2024 Tea Offerings & News

Happy June, Sippers!

June is National Iced Tea Month! This month-long celebration honors iced tea and encourages everyone to enjoy it in its many varieties. While certain teas are often promoted as ideal for iced tea, we believe that almost any tea you enjoy hot can also be enjoyed iced.

This month, we’re featuring teas that are perfect for serving over ice! Not sure how to make iced tea? It's easy. Check out the methods at tearunners.com/iced

As we move into the summer months, we’ll be offering a range of seasonal summer teas. Additionally, we’ll continue to provide fresh harvest 2024 teas plucked later in the spring, including our popular Classic Laoshan Black, which is now on the way.

We also have exciting new teas coming, such as French Earl Grey, Herbal Lime Sorbet, and Everest Black, which is sourced from the highest elevation tea plantation in the world.

Enjoy this month's teas!

Happy Sipping!


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Featured Teas

 Classic Black Iced Tea
Lemon Drop Black
• Tangerine Pear Green
• Dragon Fruit Rooibos

 Classic Black Iced Tea
 Lemon Drop Black
 Minnesota N'Ice Tea
 Bourbon Barrel Chai

 Dragon Fruit Rooibos
• Blueberry Rooibos
• Fruity Mango Hibiscus
• Blood Orange Herbal

• Classic Black Iced Tea
• Imperial Mojiang Golden Bud Black Tea
• Sencha Supreme
• Formosa Fine Oolong

Lemon Drop Black


Lemon Drop Black is our featured tea of the month!
This tea is 15% OFF all month. No coupon needed.

One of our favorite tea providers has come up with this tantalizing malty black tea infused with tart lemon peel, and we can't get enough of it.

Queen Victoria famously enjoyed her cup of tea with a slice of lemon, and we love how the citrus offsets the natural molasses notes in this expertly blended tea.

Try it in its purest state without the addition of milk to really enjoy its complexities.


Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel, lemon verbena, and natural flavoring.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: HIGH

Bourbon Barrel Chai

This spicy black tea warms the palate with traditional chai flavors but with an added depth to its finish. Cinnamon, cloves, anise, and cardamom harmonize beautifully with an extra helping of ginger and nutmeg, making this tea pack a punch both in flavor and caffeine. We love it enhanced with your favorite milk, making it a rich and creamy treat.

Ingredients: Black teas, organic cinnamon pieces, organic anise seeds, organic cloves, organic cardamom pods, natural cinnamon flavor, natural nutmeg flavor, natural ginger flavor, and natural clove flavor.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: HIGH

Dragon Fruit Rooibos

This refreshing fruity tropical treat is packed with energizing rooibos and tart lemon peel, with the sweetness of apple and strawberry to delight the palate. Steeping to a ruby red hue, this tea is a well-balanced and delightful cup for any time of day.

Ingredients: Green Rooibos, apple pieces, mango pieces (mangoes and sugar), hibiscus flowers, orange peel, natural dragon fruit flavoring, strawberry pieces, lemon peel, malva flowers, and orange blossoms
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend

Blueberry Rooibos

Besides being beautiful to look at, this caffeine-free herbal blend combines the floral sweetness of blueberries with the tartness of currants, balanced with hearty rooibos.

Try this tea after a big meal or before bed to relax the senses and prepare your body for a deep sleep. Kids like this one, too!

Ingredients: Rooibos, elderberries, hibiscus flowers, currants, blueberries, natural blueberry flavor, schizandra berries, natural strawberry flavor.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend

Blood Orange Herbal

Blood Orange Herbal is a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts, captivating their palates like no other. 

Combining light red rooibos, tangy hibiscus, orange, rose hips, sweet apple, and rose petals, this blend delivers an explosion of Blood Orange flavor.

Subduing the empowering rooibos and astringent orange, it offers a creamy, sweet orange candy experience with a mouth-watering zestiness.

Prepare to indulge what is sure to become a new favorite!

Ingredients: Rooibos, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, safflower petals, orange peel pieces, dried apple pieces, all natural flavors.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend

Tangerine Pear Green

This bright and citrusy green tea cheers up the palate with the pungent tang of mandarin peel, while dried pear evens out its tartness with a sweet and juicy finish. We love how opposites attract with its sweet and sour notes expertly smoothed out with a grassy high-quality green.

Also goes great iced!

Ingredients: Yunnan green tea, mandarin peel, pear bits, and natural flavoring.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: LOW-MED

Imperial Mojiang Golden Bud Black Tea

This rare and beautiful tea is a pure bud pick from established plants in the Mojiang area of Simao. It is a spring harvest tea that has been carefully processed to keep its lovely appearance and guard its subtle sugarcane and malty flavors.

We recommend steeping this tea one cup at a time at a lower temperature than other black teas to preserve its delicate flavors.

Spring 2024 Harvest.


Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Mojiang, Yunnan, China
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Minnesota N’Ice Tea

Global Tea Championship Award Winner
People's Choice Winners' Tasting Circle


A beautiful blend to enjoy on a hot day, Minnesota N'Ice Tea bursts with juicy orange flavor, zinging with fresh lemongrass on the palate and rounding things out with the soft scent of rose petals. Strong black tea packs a punch while elegantly floral jasmine green tea adds sophistication, making this an iced tea to please the masses.

Ingredients: Black tea, jasmine green tea, natural flavors, lemongrass, rose petals, cornflower
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Formosa Fine Oolong

This semi-fermented oolong tea from Taiwan gets its name from the Portuguese explorers who called the island “Formosa,” meaning 'beautiful'. The silver-tipped copper red leaves brew into a beautiful, bright golden brisk cup with soft peach undertones.

Delicious hot or cold!

Ingredients: Oolong tea.
Origin: Taiwan
Caffeine: MEDIUM

Classic Black Iced Tea

Indulge in the classic nuances of this high-quality blend of black teas, meticulously crafted to create the perfect base for a traditional iced tea experience.

Let the revitalizing essence of this timeless beverage rejuvenate your senses, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed all around.

Try a gentle squeeze of fresh lemon for a zesty twist!

Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: HIGH

Fruity Mango Hibiscus

The perfect summer refresher choice has never been more obvious! This fruity organic blend of green rooibos, hibiscus, zesty orange peel, juicy mango, and zingy lemongrass come together for a drink that's just bursting with character. The best part: it's caffeine-free!

Although it goes fantastically hot during a chilly summer day, we recommend trying it over ice for a surge of revitalization that's just begging to be shared with those around you.

Ingredients: Organic green rooibos, organic hibiscus, organic orange peel, natural mango flavor and organic lemongrass.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: Caffeine-Free

Sencha Supreme

Global Tea Championship Award Winner
1st Place, Sencha


Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, representing about 80% of all teas produced in the country. It ranges vastly in quality and price. This particular sencha is a high quality award-winning tea.

Sencha is a tea that will produce different flavors depending on the temperature of the water, adding to its appeal. Cooler water will produce a mellow flavor, while hotter water will create a more astringent cup of tea. Experiment and enjoy!

Ingredients: Green tea.
Origin: Japan

Additional Customization Options

Blueberry White Tea

An award-winning white tea blend with blueberry and mango. A very refreshing summer tea!

Chamomile Medley

A very soothing blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemon.

China Yin Xiang Green Tea

A wonderful pan-fired green tea with elegant, aromatic, and fruity apricot notes.

Guava Gold

An award-winning blend of green, white, and oolong teas, flavored with guava and strawberry.

Imperial Grade Green Snails

First flush green tea rolled into into little green snails. Slightly astringent, slightly sweet. Depth and complex.

Jade Cloud

Three styles of green teas (roasted, baked, and steamed) blend to create a unique tea that is lively & smooth, savory & sweet!

Majestic Earl Grey

Majestic Earl Grey is an exceptional Earl Grey tea, crafted from top quality organic Yunnan black tea and cold-pressed bergamot oil from Italy. It is the most awarded Earl Grey tea in the world.

Mumbai Chai

An award-winning blend of carefully selected spices and high-quality Assam black tea.

Mystic Mint

Peppermint, cardamom, and licorice root combine to create the *perfect* mint herbal tea.

Pacific Peppermint

Pure peppermint leaves from Washington state. A very clean and satisfying herbal tea for a peppermint lover.

Valentine Breakfast

A lovely and intoxicating blended black beauty to mark the month of love.

White Peach Tea

1st Place award-winning blend of high grade white tea with peaches. A very refreshing summer tea!

Yuzu Pineapple Black

A strong black tea bursting with tart and juicy flavors. Goes great hot or iced!

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